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There are a number of current and historical resources you can find in eLibrary about the U.S. Presidential election.

Perform a keyword search on “Election 2012” and, in addition to the expected list of varied resources from a range of publications and source types, there is a visually attractive and informative Research Topic page, created and maintained by ProQuest’s team of editors. Like all other Research Topic Pages, the Election 2012 Research Topic page curates some of the best text and image documents found in eLibrary. The intention is to provide users with useful background on the topic before they delve into the search results list. Information about the candidates, the key issues and predictions and polls from respected global sources are included.

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Studying a past election is a great way to put the current presidential election in historical context. Utilizing the autocomplete feature in the eLibrary search can connect you with Research Topic pages on past elections. Simply start typing the words “Presidential Election” in the search field of the Basic Search screen and a range of recent and distant election search queries will appear in the autocomplete dropdown menu. Select the election that interests you. Chances are, there is a Research Topic page for that election as well.

eLibrary includes a collection of historic maps created by Cartographica that display all types of interesting information about past U.S. Presidential and Congressional elections. To find these maps, perform a Publication Search for “Cartographica.” Once in the collection, simply select the Search within this Publication link in the upper right. Search the word “Election” and the wealth of Cartographica maps on elections will appear.

As the election results roll in, be sure to visit eLibrary for current, authoritative information from newswires, magazines, TV and radio transcripts and photo service feeds.

For an overview of the Research Topic feature in eLibrary, click here.

Larry Wilkner

Larry Wilkner

Larry Wilkner is Product Manager Lead at ProQuest. He oversees product management responsibilities for the eLibrary and CultureGrams product families. He’s been with ProQuest since 1996, serving in a number of editorial and publishing roles. He has an M.A. in Latin American History from The University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill and taught for five years as an Adjunct Professor at Broward College. He lives in Fort Lauderdale, FL with his wife, Rebecca.
Larry Wilkner

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