New Antarctica Interviews

One of the most interesting features of CultureGrams is our series of interviews with country natives. Although Antarctica has no native residents, we recently added interviews with two people who live in Antarctica for part of the year. Their insights into the unique way of life in Antarctica are fascinating! Elaine, who has been travelling to and living in Antarctica since 1998, describes her life as a public relations representative for the U.S. Antarctica Program. She describes Christmas traditions among the scientists and employees at McMurdo station, such as giving handknit hats or fresh oranges (a rare treat) as Christmas gifts. Byron talks about his work as a “Beaker” (the nickname for scientists), exploring Antarctica’s harsh terrain and discovering how its ecosystem works. He also describes traditions on the McMurdo Station, including the midsummer music festival called Icestock. Check out these interviews at CultureGrams to learn even more about Antarctica!


Byron's interview

Screenshot of Byron’s interview about life in Antarctica

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