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India Country Report

India Country Report in CultureGrams

CultureGrams editors put forth a lot of effort in making sure that the content in our country, state, and province reports is both accurate and up-to-date. And, unlike some of our competitors, our commitment to providing reliable cultural content doesn’t end once our reports are created initially. We continually update, review, and expand our reports for the benefit of our customers. Below is an explanation of some of our content revision processes.

  1. Weekly updates–When we say that CultureGrams reports are  “updated” weekly, we mean that our editors follow the news and incorporate any major news events into the history sections of the World reports and the timelines of the Kids, States, and Provinces reports. Where there are changes in the head of state and/or government, those are included as well. As the editors do their weekly updates, they may update other sections of the texts as well, but the focus is on history and government.
  2. Statistical updates–The statistical information in all of our reports is updated by the editors once or twice a year, as new stats are available.
  3. Major updates–Each report is given a thorough going over  by the editors once a year to make sure that all of the content is up-to-date. It also includes reviewing the photo galleries and other content. In the Kids, States, and Provinces editions, the major update may also include expanding the most recent history section in a report or adding a new history section, but not always.
  4. Reviews–Reviews usually occur on a five-year cycle. And they involve getting feedback from native or long-term residents rather than just the work of the editors. These reviews from insiders help us know that the information in the reports is accurate and up-to-date. When revisions are warranted, we make them. Because of the expansion process, which include reviews, we’ve been doing reviews on a faster cycle than we normally do. Once the expansions are complete or mostly complete, we’ll revert to the five year cycle.
  5. Expansions–For the past several years now, we’ve been working hard to expand the cultural content of our existing World Edition reports by at least 50%. The expansion process involves the contributions of a native or long-term resident for each country, who writes new content for us. Then that content is reviewed by another native or long-term resident. We are also in the process of expanding the Kids Edition reports by between 40% and 50%. The focus of these latter expansions is primarily on history.

If you have any questions about these processes, please let us know.

Kip Clark

Kip Clark is a Supervising Editor at CultureGrams. He has been with ProQuest for over 15 years. Prior to his employment with ProQuest, Kip worked as a writing and humanities instructor, editor, research assistant, furniture shipper, flower presser, and cookie maker. He has a BA and MA in English, with an emphasis on the literature of the American West. Kip has traveled throughout much of Western Europe, as well as to Kenya, Uganda, Canada, Israel, and Russia. His interests include cooking, reading, playing racquetball, and collecting spinning tops.

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