Least Religious Countries

Least Religious Countries

Map: These are the world’s least religious countries
Source: Washington Post

We recently ran across this Washington Post article and map that show some of the least religious countries in the world, and we thought it was worth sharing. Based on a recent Gallup survey of 65 countries, China is the least religious country, with 90% of Chinese considering themselves to be atheists or not religious. China is followed by Sweden and the Czech Republic. The article speculates on some possible reasons for this ranking, including decades of Communist rule in China. On the other end of the scale, the most religious country is Thailand, followed by Armenia and Bangladesh.

Among other interesting results from the study were the following (Interestingly, the United States is an exception to the first two conclusions.):

  • Respondents younger than 34 years of age tend to be more religious than older respondents.
  • Wealthy nations tend to be less religious than poor nations.
  • On average, six out of ten people in the world claim to be religious. That number is higher for people in Africa or the Middle East.

If you would like to find out more about religious faith (or the lack of such) among the people around the world and learn about some of the cultural factors that underlie a particular country’s degree of religiosity, check out CultureGrams.

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