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Map of Canada from Provinces Edition

A Postcard from Canada

Grade Level: K–5


Research a Canadian province and create a post card depicting the highlights of the area.

National curriculum standard(s):

National Standards for Social Studies People, Places, and Environments

  • Standard H [Early Grades]: Social studies programs should include experiences that provide for the study of people, places, and environments, so that the learner can examine the interaction of human beings and their physical environment, the used of land, building of cities, and ecosystem changes in selected locales and regions.
  • Standard G [Early Grades]: Social studies programs should include experiences that provide for the study of people, places, and environments, so that the learner can describe how people create places that reflect ideas, personality, culture, and wants and needs as they design homes, playgrounds, classrooms, and the like.

(Developed by the National Council for the Social Studies)


Time Requirement Preparation: 15 minutes

In-class: 1 hour Materials

CultureGrams Provinces Edition Instructions

  • Have students choose a Canadian province they would most like to visit. Each student should read their province’s CultureGrams report, making notes about things that are unique to the province and things that attract visitors. They should also pay special attention to the Official Emblems section.
  • On 4×6 index cards, have students design post cards showing some of the highlights and unique traits of the province. Students may also want to incorporate one or more of the provinces’ official emblems, or they may do research to find some unofficial emblems.
  • On the back of the post card, have students write a message as though they were visiting the province and writing home. They should think about what they would want to do while in Canada, what difficulties they might run into, and what differences they would expect to find between their home and the province they are visiting.

Extension Activity:

Have students pretend that they are from the province they researched. If they were visiting the area in which the students live, what kind of post card would they send home? What would they want to be featured on the front? What would they write on the back? Have students design a post card for their area and write a message on the back to their family at home in Canada.

Jenni Boyle

Jenni Boyle

is an Editor at CultureGrams and covers countries in South Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa. She earned a BA in Middle East Studies, with an emphasis in Arabic, from Brigham Young University. She has lived and worked in Amman, Jordan and now lives in Utah. Jenni enjoys cooking Middle Eastern food, reading, and watching the LA Clippers win.
Jenni Boyle

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