CultureGrams — New Kids Country: Uzbekistan

The CultureGrams editors are excited to announce a new Kids edition country report!


CultureGrams: Uzbekistan Kids Country Report













The new Uzbekistan report includes detailed information on the history, culture, language, food, and daily life of this country.

Here are some fascinating Did You Knows about Uzbekistan:

  • One of the world’s largest gold mines is located in Uzbekistan’s Kyzyl Kum Desert.
  • In Uzbekistan, every man must serve in the army for at least one year. Before he leaves home, it’s a tradition to have him bite a piece of round Uzbek bread and hang it on the wall until he comes back.
  • Samarqand and Bukhara are more than two thousand years old and are some of the oldest cities in the world.
  • Out of respect, male community leaders are often called aksakal, meaning “white beard.”

Find out about the traditional festival Novruz, learn about marriage customs in Uzbekistan, and read about  life as a kid all in this colorful new report.


Jenni Boyle

Jenni Boyle

is an Editor at CultureGrams and covers countries in South Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa. She earned a BA in Middle East Studies, with an emphasis in Arabic, from Brigham Young University. She has lived and worked in Amman, Jordan and now lives in Utah. Jenni enjoys cooking Middle Eastern food, reading, and watching the LA Clippers win.
Jenni Boyle

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