CultureGrams — New Kids Country: Benin

The CultureGrams editors are excited to announce a new Kids edition country report!

Benin Kids Edition Report

Benin Kids Edition Report

The new Benin report includes detailed information on the history, culture, language, food, and daily life of this country.

Here are some fascinating Did You Knows about Benin:

  • Benin is home to an endangered species of manatee (sea cow) called the West African manatee.
  • Many Beninese believe in Vodun, a traditional religion that is often called voodoo. Slaves from Benin brought Vodun to the Americas and the Caribbean.
  • Northern Beninese often eat West African yams, which can be up to 7 feet (2 m) long and weigh 120 pounds (54 kg)!
  • Women who sell goods at the market leave hours before dawn to walk there. They carry heavy piles of goods on their heads, often with babies strapped to their backs.

Find out about common market foods, discover how Beninese celebrate the Egungun festival, and read about Benin’s lake town built on stilts all in this colorful new report.

Jenni Boyle

Jenni Boyle

is an Editor at CultureGrams and covers countries in South Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa. She earned a BA in Middle East Studies, with an emphasis in Arabic, from Brigham Young University. She has lived and worked in Amman, Jordan and now lives in Utah. Jenni enjoys cooking Middle Eastern food, reading, and watching the LA Clippers win.
Jenni Boyle

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