CultureGrams: Looking Back on 2014

Our  CultureGrams editors were very busy last year, making the product better than ever with lots of new and updated content. Below is a list of what we added in 2014 and a preview of what to expect in 2015.

  • We added 24 new Kids Edition country reports.
  • We expanded 14 World Edition country reports, which means that the cultural content in these reports increased by at least 50%.
  • We added 30 new interviews to the Faces of the World Interview collection.
  • We updated all of our data tables.
  • We’re continuing with our regular and ongoing process of major updates and review of all CultureGrams reports by native and in-country experts.
  • We expanded our multimedia offerings by adding over 300 new photos and 36 new slideshows to CultureGrams.
  • We are well into the process of adding internal links to the World Edition country reports, which will link out directly to supplementary photos, recipes, and definitions.
Kids Edition Landing Page

Kids Edition Screencap via ProQuest CultureGrams

And for 2015, here is what we have planned.

  • More Kids Edition country reports (we’ve already added 6 new country reports so far in 2015)
  • More interviews
  • More multimedia (we’ve already added 174 new videos in 2015)
  • A brand new Average Person infographic feature that will depict the demographic characteristics of a hypothetical person in each country, highlighting factors such as income level, family size, language, and religion
  • Ongoing reviews, weekly and annual updates
  • And more

Kip Clark

Kip Clark is a Supervising Editor at CultureGrams. He has been with ProQuest for over 15 years. Prior to his employment with ProQuest, Kip worked as a writing and humanities instructor, editor, research assistant, furniture shipper, flower presser, and cookie maker. He has a BA and MA in English, with an emphasis on the literature of the American West. Kip has traveled throughout much of Western Europe, as well as to Kenya, Uganda, Canada, Israel, and Russia. His interests include cooking, reading, playing racquetball, and collecting spinning tops.

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