CultureGrams: Looking Back on 2013

The CultureGrams editorial team is working hard to create a product that meets the needs of students, teachers, librarians, travelers, and many others. We know that you expect concise, reliable, and up-to-date country information. But we also know that you expect to see a product that is growing, changing, and getting better each year. So below is a list of some of the things we did in 2013 to improve CultureGrams.

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  • We instituted a system of weekly updates for all CultureGrams editions. So our country, state, and province reports are now updated on a weekly basis, as warranted by major news events.
  • 22 World Edition country reports were expanded in 2013, which means that the cultural content in those reports increased by at least 50%. We are now 68% of the way through expanding all World Edition reports.
  • We added 23 new interviews to the Faces of the World Interview collection.
  • We added 10 new Kids Edition country reports, bringing the total to 131 country reports, with more to come.
  • We continued with our regular and ongoing process of major updates and reviews of all CultureGrams content by native and long-term residents.
  • We increased the amount of country data in our data tables by more than 230%
  • We significantly expanded our multimedia offerings by adding hundreds of new photos and dozens of new slideshows and videos to CultureGrams.
  • We added text-to-speech functionality to the product and a new photo download tool.

And you can look forward to many new improvements in 2014!

Kip Clark

Kip Clark is a Supervising Editor at CultureGrams. He has been with ProQuest for over 15 years. Prior to his employment with ProQuest, Kip worked as a writing and humanities instructor, editor, research assistant, furniture shipper, flower presser, and cookie maker. He has a BA and MA in English, with an emphasis on the literature of the American West. Kip has traveled throughout much of Western Europe, as well as to Kenya, Uganda, Canada, Israel, and Russia. His interests include cooking, reading, playing racquetball, and collecting spinning tops.

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