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All over the world, people use hand gestures, facial expressions, and body posture to express themselves. But keep in mind that some gestures that are acceptable in one culture may be considered offensive in another culture. In CultureGrams World reports, our Gestures sections describe and explain some of the non-verbal communication used in each country.



Here are some examples of gestures from CultureGrams reports that may be considered rude:

Argentina: Pointing with the index finger.

Egypt: Showing the bottom of one’s foot to another person.

Senegal: Receiving or giving objects with just the left hand

Bhutan: Touching someone’s head

Russia: Shaking hands through a doorway is believed to be bad luck


Explore more gestures at CultureGrams! They may help you on your next trip.


Jenni Boyle

Jenni Boyle

is an Editor at CultureGrams and covers countries in South Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa. She earned a BA in Middle East Studies, with an emphasis in Arabic, from Brigham Young University. She has lived and worked in Amman, Jordan and now lives in Utah. Jenni enjoys cooking Middle Eastern food, reading, and watching the LA Clippers win.
Jenni Boyle

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