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  • CultureGrams has been working to foster understanding and appreciation of the world’s countries and peoples since 1974.
  • In response to customer requests, we added text-to-speech functionality to CultureGrams in 2013.
  • So far this year, we’ve added 6 new country reports to the Kids Edition and 21 new interviews of adults and children to the Faces of the World Interviews collection.
  • CultureGrams subscribers may (and are encouraged to) use photos, videos, and other media for educational purposes, such as reports, class presentations, and other assignments. These may be posted on secure, password-protected school intranets but not on the open web. All CultureGrams content should be appropriately cited.
  • For those who don’t subscribe to CultureGrams, it is possible to purchase individual country and state reports by visiting our Yahoo! Store: http://culturegram.stores.yahoo.net/
  • You can search the photo gallery using terms of your choice. Such searches make cross-cultural comparisons easier and can be used to create customized presentations.
  • We doubled the amount of content available in the Graphs and Tables area of the World and Kids editions in 2013.
  • Each World Edition country report focuses on 25 cultural categories—language, personal appearance, greetings, diet, housing, and more. The same categories are consistent across all countries.
  • In addition to maps for the individual states, the States Edition includes links to a political, physical, and outline map of the entire United States. These maps can be accessed from the States Edition landing page and are valuable for classroom use.
  • CultureGrams includes a link to a Teaching Activities PDF at the bottom of each page of the product. The PDF contains 79 teaching activities that correlate to Common Core and national curriculum standards. These terrific activities are indexed by grade level as well as by activity type.

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