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Monthly Theme — ProQuest History Study Center

HSC1ProQuest History Study Center provides over 500 complete Study Units on major events of world history, bringing together primary sources, multi-media, biographical content, journal articles, maps, and reference.  Included are document-based questions, presidential documents, documents on American history, speeches, documents on British history, and selections from historical newspapers.  One feature, designed to help engage students in historic study, is the “monthly theme.”  Each month, History Study Center provides a theme page on an historical topic of interest.  This theme provides selected text, excerpts, and images, along with active links to key content and sample documents.  Check out this month’s theme, “The American Civil War”, or look at next month’s theme, “Railroads and Transport History”, or any other month of the year.

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History Study Center Releases New Content



The latest release of History Study Center is now live at www.historystudycenter.com, and includes new video content, reference works and journals and updates to Study Units.


The INTELECOM History Video Collection, with 900 video clips, has been added to the Multimedia search (with many clips also added to relevant Study Units).

INTELECOM Intelligent Telecommunications, a non-profit corporation operated by a joint power authority of 31 California community colleges, is a leading producer of curriculum-based media for online, distance and classroom learning. The INTELECOM History Video Collection included in History Study Center includes hundreds of clips originally from the curriculum-based documentary series Framework For Democracy and An Unfinished Nation. They provide an introduction to major topics in American history with contributions from leading historians and former politicians.

The presentation of all video content in History Study Center has also been updated so that clips appear inline within the full record and display in mp4 format.

Reference works

The Native North Americans six volume set, which provides concise articles exploring all facets of the history and culture of the native peoples of North America, has been added to the Maps & Reference search.

  • Native North Americans: Arts, Society, and Religion
  • Native North Americans: Peoples of the East, Southeast, and Plains
  • Native North Americans: History
  • Native North Americans: Personalities and Places
  • Native North Americans: Peoples of the Southwest, West, and North
  • Native North Americans: Warfare, Economy, and Technology


25 new full text journals have been recently added to the Journals search:

  • African Studies Review
  • America’s Civil War
  • The Americas
  • Anglican and Episcopal History
  • The Arkansas Historical Quarterly
  • Aviation History
  • Bulletin of the History of Medicine
  • Classical World
  • Cliometrica
  • Digital Philology: A Journal of Medieval Culture
  • Fides et Historia
  • Historical Journal of Massachusetts
  • Historically Speaking
  • History in Africa
  • International Journal of African Historical Studies
  • Journal of Colonialism and Colonial History
  • Journal of the Illinois State Historical Society
  • Journal of Late Antiquity
  • Journal of Policy History
  • Journal of Southeast Asian Studies
  • Late Imperial China
  • Vietnam
  • The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography
  • Wild West
  • Wisconsin Magazine of History

Content updates

Many Study Units have been updated in this release with additional journal content, reference articles and revisions to web links, plus articles from the important British news weekly The Spectator (also available via Selections from Historical Periodicals). MARC records have also been updated.

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