New eLibrary Coming December 14th!


On December 14th, eLibrary will deliver stress-free researching to your library. The date is coming fast, and we couldn’t be more excited! Here are some reasons for you to get excited too:

Highly Visual Navigation: Users are shown our curated Research Topics front and center!

Easy Topic Selection: Students can browse through simplified Subject and Common Assignment trees to help them with the most stressful research task – choosing a topic.

Streamlined Feature Set: There’s now more focus on tools that researchers actually use, like citation generation and Google integration.

More Efficient Search Engine: Users will find relevant content faster.

Responsive Design: The new eLibrary is optimized for use on desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Cross-Search: Hosting on the award-winning ProQuest platform allows simultaneous searching with other ProQuest databases.

The eye-popping, curiosity-sparking look and feel of the new eLibrary very cleverly disguises what continues to be a powerful tool that will engage your students in research.

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A Fresh Crop of ProQuest Research Topics

We’ve had a downright tropical environment in Louisville this summer, giving us the ideal conditions for growing Research Topic pages! There are 80 new pages since the end of last school year, covering topics like the Juno and Galileo missions to Jupiter, America’s role in World War I, the Brexit, and of course, Pokémon GO.

Research Topics are a great tool for student research, offering a wealth of editorially-curated articles, pictures, video, and websites to supplement study units throughout the year. With 11,000 Research Topics, chances are we have what you need!

Click on the video below to learn the different ways to discover the Research Topic you’re looking for:


Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.: Religious Witness for Human Dignity

In 2013, Mary Scanlon uncovered a piece of history at a Goodwill store in Phoenix, Arizona. Even though she didn’t even own a tape machine, she started looking through boxes of reel-to-reel tapes. Among them was a reel with “Martin Luther King” and “Tempe” written on it.

She bought the tapes, then turned to Arizona State University to conduct research on her discovery. She found that Dr. King had spoken there in 1964, advocating for passage of the Civil Rights Act. Rob Spindler, the ASU archivist and curator of special collections, was unaware of any recordings of that event.

Spindler was excited to hear the recording, as well as the other tapes from local civil-rights activist Lincoln Ragsdale. They’ve since been digitized and are available from the Arizona State University Digital Repository.

eLibrary’s Martin Luther King, Jr. Research Topic Page now includes the story of this fortunate discovery, and features a link to the ASU archive where you can listen to the recording, “Religious Witness for Human Dignity”. That same section of the Research Topic includes a scholarly journal article that explores the deep personal and religious roots of Dr. King’s doctrine of human dignity.

Martin Luther King Jr. Research Topic

Martin Luther King Jr. Research Topic Page via ProQuest eLibrary

Part rally, part sermon, it is thrilling to hear Dr. King’s voice, and it carries a message that remains as urgent today as it was when he delivered it over 50 years ago:

“Through our scientific and technological genius, we have made of this world a neighborhood, and now through our moral and ethical commitment, we must make of it a brotherhood. We must all learn to live together as brothers, or we will all perish together as fools.”

King, Martin Luther, Jr. “Religious Witness for Human Dignity.” MP3 Audio. Arizona State University Digital Repository. Web. 1 Feb. 2016.

Come See Us at AASL!

The American Association of School Librarians meets in Columbus, Ohio, from November 5th through the 8th, and ProQuest will be there in Booth #401 showcasing the resources that you use in your libraries and classrooms to prepare students for the research challenges of college and career.

Please take a few minutes to sign up here for User Group meetings for CultureGrams, SIRS Issue Researcher, or eLibrary and eLibrary Curriculum Edition. These are brief meetings that won’t eat into your busy conference schedule, and they are conveniently located at the exhibit hall entrance in a semi-private area in the ProQuest booth.

Reserve your space today! Seating is limited!

ProQuest Booth_cr

ProQuest Booth #401: Calm Before the Storm

We are looking forward to meeting with you and your colleagues to talk about your experiences with ProQuest. It is our privilege to have these face-to-face encounters, and we are always excited about discovering ways our developers and editors can address your evolving needs.

Common Core Guides for eLibrary

Common Core Guide: Screen capture via ProQuest eLibrary

Common Core Guide: Screen capture via ProQuest eLibrary

eLibrary’s new Common Core Guides give teachers quick access to classroom activities and strategies, and highlight the wide range of eLibrary content that teachers can use to reinforce the goals of the standards.

Each one of the guides offers a link to a standard strand page prepared by the Common Core States Standard Initiative. Our guides adopt the same structure used in the strand page, with sections such as Key Ideas and Details, and Presentation of Knowledge and Ideas. We also added a section called “Resources” where eLibrary editors provide direct links to publications and Research Topic pages which further support instruction.

You can access the pages in a couple of ways. Either browse the research topics and scroll down to “Common Core ELA,” or type “Common Core ELA” in the Basic Search box and the autocomplete function will show the available strands.

Editors have created guides for each of these strands, and more are on the way!

Common Core ELA > Grade 11-12 > Reading: Informational Text

Common Core ELA > Grade 11-12 > Reading: Literature

Common Core ELA > Grade 11-12 > Speaking and Listening

Common Core ELA > Grade 11-12 > Writing

Common Core ELA > Grade 6 > Writing

Common Core ELA > Grade 8 > Reading: Literature

Common Core ELA > Grade 9-10 > History/Social Studies

Common Core ELA > Grade 9-10 > Science and Technical Subjects